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What Is Frizzy Hair? Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

By | Hair Care

What causes frizzy hair and how do I get it in check? How do I tame the frizz and have great hair days, no matter how humid it is in Exton, PA?! Here are 8 tips to keep frizz in check!


1. Seal It:

What causes unwanted frizz? Raised hair cuticle + humidity + lack of moisture = frizzy hair. Ask your Designer for a moisturizing product that is efficient in nourishing the hair from the inside out, as well as a finishing serum, such as Shine Max by Pureology. Apply it to dry hair to coat your hair to protect it from the humid environment. No hairstyle is so low-maintenance that you don’t have to put anything in to get your hair to look perfect! Don’t obsess on fussing with your hair and just try recommendations of different products until you find one that works!

2. Cool Splash:

Before you get out of the shower, saturate your hair with cold water. What this does it smooth out the cuticle of your hair and adds lots of shine! It may not be comfortable in the winter, but it surely will wake you up! If you can’t stand doing it in the shower, get out and just flip your head upside down under the faucet in the bathtub, so it’s not cold all over your body as well.

3. Don’t Brush- Comb:

When curly/wavy hair is damaged, frizz looks event worse. To prevent damage, do not use a brush. Get a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Don’t comb too much though; it’s not needed! Curly hair is best if you do it in the morning and then don’t touch it the rest of the day!

4. Texturize:

On wet hair, twist a few locks around your finger to smooth them together. Give your frizzy waves some texture by using a curling iron after your hair is dry, on a few pieces to give your hair a smoother look. You can even use some hot rollers or flexi rods.

5. Diffuse:

While air-drying your hair prevents damage, your style may lack the volume you’re looking for. The results from using a diffuser attachment on your dryer will make you fall back in love with your waves! Make your curls even better, by switching your dryer to a cold setting. This seals the cuticle even more, just like tip #1 with the cold rinse!

6. Towel-Dry No More:

A big no-no for frizz-prone hair is aggressively towel-drying it. Sure it’s fast and effective, but this roughs up the cuticle of your hair and causes your hair to poof and frizz. Instead, gently pat the moisture out of your hair. You’ll instantly notice a difference that day.

7. Say Yes To Deep Conditioners:

Use a deep conditioner weekly to feed your dry stands, improve shine and manageability and prevent further damage. Without moisture, curls and waves go berserk. Try Redken’s Curl Recovery or Pureology’s Hydra Whip.

8. Find A Match For Your Hair:

While you’re making sure you do your part at home, you must find a skilled Hair Designer who knows how to work with your hair type to enhance the pattern that is naturally occurring in your hair.

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