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Sexy Hair: How To Curl Your Hair In to Waves

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Curling your hair to make it wavy and sleek is not as hard as you think. Have you wanted that wavy hair that the celebrities wear, but are unsuccessful when you try? Do your waves fall out before you even get to enjoy them? Christina from Ultimate Image Salon, hair salon in Exton, PA, has created a video just for you! She shares with you her expert knowledge and goes in-depth on how to create these waves easily, which Redken products to use and the techniques behind using hot tools to create different hairstyles.

Quick Tips: How to Curl Your Hair In to Waves
(before you watch the video)

1. Always use a heat-activating spray, such as Redken Hot Sets 22, to use on dry hair, before you start curling. This ensures you curls/waves stay all day. This is does a completely different job than hair spray! This is a MUST prior to curling your hair.

2. The reason curls fall out is because gravity takes a hold of your hair right after you’ve curled it, while it’s still hot. Therefore, your hair will take whatever shape it is in when it cools. Clip the newly formed curls to your scalp, or cool them down with your hand for 10 seconds per curl, before letting them drop. Curling long hair may require extra cooling, since it’s more dense.

3. Use diagonal sectioning if you want waves that flow nicely and lay nicely. Horizontal sectioning will create more volume and vertical, more leanness.

4. For waves (not natural-looking curls), make the rotation of the iron go in the same direction. So for the left side of your hair, make the hair on the iron go away from the face until the center back of your head. On the opposite side, do the same thing and curl away from your face until the curls reach each other in the back. For natural-looking curls, you can alternate directions of the curls.

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