You'll never know how good your body can feel until you try it

Come experience our beautiful new day spa and get ready to RELAX-UNWIND-REVITALIZE. We designed and built the Spa with your comfort in mind and can't wait for you to experience the tranquility and expert service.

SPA Membership

For those that want the Ultimate Spa experience and to save money, Ultimate Image Salon and Spa offers a Spa Membership program to our clients. For $69 per month, you will receive your choice of a Signature Facial or 60-minute Swedish Massage. You also receive 10% off any additional Spa services you may wish to experience.

SPA Membership Pricing
per month$69

Swedish Massage

Achieve a peaceful, relaxed state with a classic Swedish-style massage. By applying light to moderate pressure, your massage therapist will simulate Y circulation and relieve muscular tension.

Swedish Massage Pricing
30 minutes$55
60 minutes$90
90 minutes$130

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses several techniques to more deeply manipulate muscles and connective tissue. It helps ease sore and tight muscles, enhance circulation and detoxify.

Deep Tissue Massage Pricing
30 minutes$65
60 minutes$120
90 minutes$160

Prenatal Massage

A Special full body massage designed to promote the health, circulation and well-being of expectant mothers. (Please consult with your doctor prior to booking an appointment. Not recommended for women in their first trimester.)

Prenatal Massage Pricing
60 minutes$90
Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue
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What can you expect with an Ultimate Image Salon massage?

On your first appointment, we will get to know you so that we can understand your needs for a massage. Generally, it begins with our skilled massage therapist asking what prompted you to get a massage, your current physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress level and painful areas. The masseuse may ask you about your health goals and what you hope the massage will do to help achieve your specific goals.

I've never had one negative experience in any department! I'll always drive home to you guys.

Amanda Church

For a full body massage, you will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Undressing takes place in private, and a sheet, towel or robe is provided for draping. The therapist will undrape only the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times. Your massage will take place in a comfortable atmosphere and on a cushioned professional massage table. You should expect a peaceful, relaxing experience.

Relax and experience all of the benefits of a fulfilling massage at Ultimate Image Salon. We are good at every type of Pennsylvania massage services, so come try one out today and spend the rest feeling like a million bucks!


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