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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

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Almost everyone around us is battling frizzy hair, and no specific products seem to work. Be it winters or the scorching hot summer – seems like frizzy hair is here to stay! What else could be the reason? Well, let us tell you. Frizzy hair is a result of dryness or lack of moisture. Our hair loses its shine and becomes dry and frizzy when it lacks moisture. This is why your hair probably gets fizzier in humid seasons because it is trying to absorb the moisture present in the air. Instead of letting the hair lay flat, this ends up swelling the cuticle resulting in a frizzy head of hair.

Nevertheless, the good news is that frizzy hair might look like it is impossible to deal with, but it can be tamed. With the proper care and products, you can turn your frizzy hair into shiny, smooth locks.

However, here is a disclaimer: there is no one size fits all method that can change your hair overnight. It takes time, patience, and a lot of consistency.

So with that, let us share three tips that can help you tame your frizzy hair.

1. Lower the Temperature in your Shower

Just like most doctors say, hair care and preventing frizzy hair begins in the shower. This is the first step you must take for your hair care. Steaming hot water is very bad for your body – skin and hair both. While a hot shower might feel relaxing (and we know, we all love it – but trust us when we say, your hair does not.

This is because, hot water absorbs the moisture from our hair and skin leaving it dry. The scalp sustains most of the dryness due to hot water. But don’t worry, we are not asking you to take cold showers – we don’t like them either. Hence, showering with lukewarm water is the best solution for you. This is the perfect temperature to help you relax and your hair to replenish!

2. Buy the Right Products

Whether you have frizzy hair or not, you have to be careful of the products you are buying and using in your hair. But as  frizzy or curly hair girl, you just have to be more cautious. Always – and we mean always, read the ingredients before purchasing a hair product.

Not sure, you have heard about this already but most shampoos contain a high amount of sulfur, which can be damaging and extremely drying for your hair. Therefore, from now on, make sulfur-free shampoos your best friend!

Also a pro-tip: make sure you buy shampoos that have hydrating ingredients like glycerin. In addition, invest in hair serums and leave-on conditioners. They work just as lotions do for your skin.

3. Limit Contact with Harsh Fabrics

Our hair comes in contact with many different fabrics, be it towels, pillowcases, or just a hat we like wearing every day. But unfortunately these fabrics can damage your hair a lot – therefore, it is best to limit your hair’s contact with harsh fabrics.

Ditch your ordinary towels for drying your hair and instead use a cotton t-shirt. We know this is not how you want to use your favorite t-shirt but we guess a little compromise is worth it here.

But if you really don’t want to use your t-shirt for drying hair, you can also invest in a microfiber towel so it can absorb moisture without causing breakage.

Moreover, try to shift to using silk pillowcases. They might seem a little uncomfortable in the beginning but they are much better for your hair and help keep frizzy hair tamed. No more getting late for work in the morning trying to handle tangled bed-hair. Wake up with freshly tamed hair every morning!

Love your Hair, No Matter What!

These tips will not magically straighten your hair – and there is no need for you to try and have that as well. Even though it is important to take care of your hair, do not let beauty brands fool you into thinking you need to change something about yourself.  Your hair is unique in its own way – love it, take care of it, save it from drying but do not try to change it!

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