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How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

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Craving those perfectly shaped celebrity eyebrows? The perfect brow size and shape for your face depends on your own features. If your brow were divided into thirds, the thick end should start parallel to the bridge of your nose. The arch should be highest at the outside of your pupil and should get thinner out towards the corner of your eye.

Get Thicker Brows

Sparse brows need to be filled in with pencil, powder or gel. If you’re brunette, pick a color that is 2 shades lighter. However, if you’re blonde or silver, go 2 shades darker so you can see them better. When in doubt, taupe works on mostly everyone. Use light, tiny strokes and blend for a natural look.

Be Careful of the Stencils

The perfect brow is based on your unique bone structure. Using a stencil to draw on your brows may seem like it takes the guesswork out of shaping. But you may not like the results if not done properly. A stenciled brow could make you look lopsided, older, surprised or angry. Don’t go with too thin or too thick and make sure they’re even, if you do decide to use a stencil with powder.

Make Brows Match Your Hair

Choose a professional Hair Colorist when you make a dramatic change; you need to change your brows too! Don’t color your brows at home. A mistake like that could cost you since it’s right dead center of your face! If you need a quick fix, blend mascara or concealer into your brows to instantly go lighter or darker.


Get The Natural Look

Actress Camilla Belle proves that you don’t need thin, sculpted brows to create a modern look. Do get yours more lush, don’t touch your brows for 3 whole months. Then, go in for a waxing service, explain the look you’re going for (use pictures of necessary) and the professional will work their magic.


Use the Right Tweezers

Rounded tip or pointy? Experts prefer a pointed, slanted tip. These allow you to grab longer hairs and shape your brows easily. For shorter, stubborn hairs, turn the tweezer at an angle and pull from the pointed edge.

Can You Tweez The Tops?

As long as you only focus on the barely-there peach fuzz, then it’s okay. Most of the real shaping should happen underneath to give the brow a lift. It’s OK as long as you focus on the peach fuzz there and on your temples. Most of the real shaping should happen underneath to lift the brow up. If you tweez too much from the top, you could get flat brows that will give you a scowled look.

When to Put the Tweezers Down

Resist the urge to see the teeny dot of hair growing under the skin. You can risk a scar if you break the skin. Cover it with concealer if it bothers you and wait a day or so for the hair to poke through to the surface.

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