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How To Get Healthy, Beautiful Winter Hair: Tips and Ideas

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Winter Hair: Keep it Healthy!

Harsh winter weather and low-dipping temperatures here in Exton PA can be hair’s worst enemy. Learn why and what to do to combat it!

From static electricity to hat hair, frizz to split ends, when winter comes around, a bad hair day can turn into a bad few hair months. “The environment can have some of the most damaging effects on hair in both summer and winter, but in winter it’s often worse because people generally don’t take as many precautions to protect their hair,” says celebrity stylist Nick Chavez, owner of the Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Salon and a QVC hair care expert.Whether you spend the days on a ski slope (lots of sunshine sometimes) or our in the winter wind with snow, rain and icy cold conditions, your hair can really start hurting. In addition to the outside conditions, some experts say indoor heating is almost like spending an entire afternoon under a hair dryer! Sure, it’s not quite as dramatic, but you can imagine the damages it can do to your hair.Don’t worry! Here’s a list that you can do to protect your luscious locks from taking that damage.

1. Use a thick, deep conditioner at least once a week to get the nutrients and moisture your hair needs deeper into the hair shaft. Most regular conditioners only sit on the surface of the hair, or travel a little into the shaft, but deep conditioners have smaller molecules to penetrate more and deliver better results. They typically help attract and hold more moisture in the hair, which can be a challenge in the winter. One of our favorites has a Five-Star rating, along with being a winner of many awards, Pureology Hydracure. Use once a week, leave on 2-5 minutes and rinse. Even some finer hair textures can use this.

Some finer hair textures may do better with a regular conditioner each time you wash and spraying a leave-in conditioner on the ends. For extra thick hair, perhaps a stronger deep conditioner may be in need. Some oils are also great such as Redken Diamond Oil. There is one for medium hair and one for thicker hair. These are almost a “dry oil” that does not weigh the hair down, but still offers protection from the elements. Consult with your Stylist to see which one would work best for your hair type– don’t just guess!

2. If you’re going to splurge on great products, make sure your shampoo is the best. The reason: “Shampoo forms the basis of the way your hair is going to react to conditioners and styling aids, and it impacts how your hair will behave in all kinds of climates and conditions,” says Hammadi; he has tamed the tresses of many hot celebs including Julianne Moore, Kirsten Dunst, Heather Graham, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Naomi Watts. Try Pureology’s Strength Cure line!

3. How to get rid of Static Cling: Use Redken Fly Away Fix sheets. Keep them in your purse. Infused with Lavender Oil, these are reusable sheets that will rid you of static and fly aways instantly.

4. Instead of gels, try experimenting with styling creams, which are not trumping gels since they add moisture to the hair, make it more pliable and lessens the chances of your hair breaking. Try Redken Curvaceous leave-in conditioner, which is fabulous on all hair types.

5. When choosing a hair spray, avoid high alcohol content, since it can have a drying effect on your hair.

6. Limit your time under a blow dryer; this is great advice year round, but essential this time of year. Use a towel to blow about 20% of the moisture out of your hair. Your hair should not be dripping! Stop exactly when your hair is dry; don’t over-dry! Use Redken Glow Dry Oil and Primer to reduce your blowdry time by at least 30%!

7. Limit your bad ” hat hair ” by carrying a travel-sized texturizer in your bag. This adds body and helps fix hairs that are out of place. If you’ve used a cream-based styling product, you can also easily wet your hands and run them through to re-style your wild hairs.

8. If you’re one to highlight your hair in the salon, try asking your Stylist’s opinion for your hair, as to not put so much stress on your hair. Instead of using decolorizer, your Stylist can use an high-lift haircolor or no-ammonia haircolor to achieve similar results, depending on your situation. These tend to be better on the hair. Or you can opt for “low-lights” for eye-catching pizzazz with little to no damage.

Learn more by scheduling an appointment so your hair stays in the best possible shape through the winter so you can look fabulous year-round! Call 610-363-8710 or schedule online. We can’t wait to see you!

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