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Hair Color Ideas: Best Hair Color For Skin Tone

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Which Haircolors Work Best On Me?

You’re thinking about changing your haircolor. Do any of these reasons apply to you?
Could you use a confidence boost?
Do you feel at a stand-still in your life?
Do you feel not as confident in your current haircolor?
Do you feel like you need something refreshing? Something new?
Has a friend told you recently you’d look great in a certain color? A merlot red? A chocolate brown?

How can you really trust and make that leap to a brand new haircolor and/or hairstyle? After all, hair makes up a large portion of your image! I’ll share with you some important things you need to know before you make the decision to change up your haircolor. There are warmer colors (golds, coppers, reds) and cooler colors (ash, neutrals, violets). How do you know which would work for you?! Look through these haircolor ideas but most importantly, your color must enhance your:

Eye color

The easiest way to see if the color makes your skin look refreshed or dull, is to go into the salon and ask them to hold up different haircolor swatches to see which one looks best. Depending on whether you’re blonde, brown or red, this is possible to do! If you would like to figure out a little bit of information before going into the salon, you can do this quick exercise at home or at your local department store. You’ll need only 2 things:

One pink scarf
One orange scarf

Tie them around your neck, one at a time and look in the mirror. Which one lights up your skin? Which makes you look refreshed and awake? Then look at it compared to your eyes. Does it do the same things to your eyes? Which do you feel most beautiful in? If you look best in the pink, your skin tone is most likely on the cooler side. Orange confirms a warmer skin tone. From that information alone, you’ll narrow down your choices significantly! Two other ways you may be able to tell are:

1. Flecks In Your Eyes

Look at your eyes more closely. Sometimes you’ll have white flecks. Usually, those with white flecks look better in cooler colors. People with yellow, golden flecks look better in warmer colors.


2. Veins In Your Forearms Try looking at the veins in your forearms also. Are they turqouise blue? Or are they more of a greenish? If they’re turquoise and bright, you may be better suited for cooler tones. Greener veins show yellowness in the skin; therefore warm colors may be more flattering.

Then you have to figure out if colors in that color family will go well with your personality. Perhaps you want to go red, but are not sure if you want a vibrant copper or a sultry deep violetey red. You need to figure out which one you could see yourself feeling most confident in. Would you want something more natural looking? Perhaps a golden red or copper red would be best. If you want to stand out and not look so natural, go for a brighter red or a more violet-based red.

Think about what colors are predominantly in your wardrobe. Most likely the colors you have most of are the ones you look best in, so go off of that also!

Ask for Help: Hair Color Ideas

A tool some Designers use are Skin Tone Cards that are part of “The Art of Consultation” by Redken. They are cards that fit flesh against your face and you can easily see what it looks like when you put a cool frame around your face versus a warm frame.

Ask about our new Chromatics haircolor that is ammonia-free! It actually fortifies the hair and has extra lasting power and shine! To schedule an appointment, click here or call 610-363-8710 for your visit to our Exton salon.


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