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Hair Color CAMO Just For Men: Camouflage Your Grey Naturally

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Are your white and grey hairs changing the appearance and texture of your hair? Are you feeling more aged since your wife/girlfriend is noticing your grey more? Are your co-workers or friends joking with you about getting older? There’s a solution worth taking a look into that:

  • is natural looking
  • has no maintenance… get it done as often as you get your hair cut
  • people will notice you look different, but will not know you colored your hair
  • you don’t have to commit to
  • only takes 5-10 minutes to process
  • has 6 shades to customize a blend into your natural haircolor

Why would I ever color my hair? For some men, going grey is something they want to do gracefully. They feel they’ve “earned” their shiny whites; they feel it makes them look more distinguished. On the other hand, there are those of you out there who want to feel and look like you did ten years ago. That doesn’t mean you don’t accept the aging process, it just means you want to feel youthful! Truth is, not only does the salt take over the pepper over time, but your hair also starts to lose its shine. Without the variation of color and luster, going grey can age your look.

What about Just For Men? Should I try that first? Perhaps you’ve seen the guy walking down the street with hair that looks like Italian-made shoes: solid, black and shiny. When it comes to haircolor for men, the shoe polish effect is not the look we, as Hair Designers, want to create for you.

What if everyone makes a big deal and can notice? You may have no clue what you want or how to get to a more youthful look with your hair; all you know is you don’t want to walk into work the next day with your co-workers jaws on the floor asking you, “Did you color your hair?!” Luckily, as long as you leave it to the professionals and avoid do-it-yourself “man dyes”, you will not have to worry about this. Often times, the over the counter dyes result in peculiar shades of garish orange or greenish black. Obviously, these are not natural colors and people will notice.

A very effective line we use at Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, PA is called Redken CAMO Color for Men. Protein and quinoa oil pump your hair up with strength and shine and within 4-8 weeks, the color fades gradually. There are 6 shades to match your haircolor, to make it look as natural as possible.


Is this like women’s hair color? There’s major differences between women’s haircolor and men’s. The Camo Color we use is dimensional, which means it doesn’t make your hair all-over one opaque shade. Since it picks up on your hair’s natural colors, it simply grows out and is not noticeable. You also don’t have to sit in the salon for an hour and a half! This line only takes 5-10 minutes to process, depending on how much grey you’re looking to blend. To start, it’s recommended just 5 minutes for your first time. You will not need to get your Camo done any more than you get your hair cut. If you decide you’ve done it once and do not want to continue, it’s easy, because it will grow out naturally and the colored ends will be cut off within months. Here’s another man, naturally blonde, who is a fan of Redken Camo Color!


Before you take this leap into trying our Camo Color service, talk to your Designer about it first. Next time you schedule your haircut at 610-363-8710, ask your Stylist if camouflaging your grey would be right for you.

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