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Dry Hair Home Remedies,Tips and Products

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Year-round, we battle to keep our hair healthy amongst the humidity of the summer, the dryness of the winter, the abuse of the flat iron– it’s never-ending! Here’s some great tips for you to combat dry hair to keep it healthy year round! To come full circle, make sure you check out our blog on Skin Care Tips!

-Shampoo less, condition more. Shampooing too often can strip the natural oils and leave you with dry hair. If you can, go a couple days in between shampoos. Try a dry shampoo (below), such as Redken 2-Day Extender. This absorbs oil and odor, leaving your hair feeling as though you just washed it. Professional products like Redken only sell to salons, so beware of the Dangers of Diversion, which can be detrimental to your health as well as your wallet!

-Maintain Your Protein/Moisture Balance in your Hair. What does this mean?! More than 90% of what makes up the hair is protein. If you’re not getting enough, your hair does not have the ability to absorb and hold in moisture, hair color and other nutrients. This is the basis for healthy hair. But, too much protein can cause your hair to snap, without enough moisture to balance it. The easiest way to set yourself up for success in this area is to consult with your haircare professional at Ultimate Image Salon by calling 610-363-8710 or clicking here; we love to share our knowledge with you!

-Protect your hair from the sun. Sun absorbs moisture from your hair and can eat away at what keeps your hair strong: protein. Your hair can become brittle, damaged and weak. Your haircolor will also be effected, as the sun lightens it and can turn your color into a less-than-desired one! Some products actually have UV Filters in them, such as the Redken Color Extend line. Even better, wear a hat if you can!

-Clarify your hair after swimming in a pool or hottub. Chlorine can cause dry hair and be extremely damaging. Have blonde hair? Be ready for a less-than-desirable shade of green to appear! Your hair will weaken and break, so clarify your hair on a regular basis. If you are in chlorine often, clarify your hair every time you get out of the pool. Otherwise, once every 1-2 weeks is sufficient. Redken’s Cleansing Cream Shampoo is a great clarifier, as well as Pureology’s Purify Shampoo. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. Even better, before you hop in the pool, wet your hair down with regular water prior to it. If you can, put in and leave in a conditioner, so your hair absorbs that, instead of the chlorine. It’s a huge help.


-Turn the Temperature Down. Flat Irons do not need to be all the way at 450 degrees, unless your hair is extremely coarse and curly. Adjust your flat iron down, so you’re not scorching your hair. Not only will it affect the health of your hair, but at 390 degrees, it eats away your haircolor. Protect your investment and use Redken Iron Silk heat spray to protect, so the heat “eats away” the product before your hair. Think it will weigh your hair down? This is one product we highly recommend, as it feels weightless on your hair and adds incredible shine! Instead of blow-drying your hair on HOT, turn it down to a medium setting, even if it takes 5-10 more minutes. Your hair is worth it.

-Never Use Hot Tools on Damp Hair. Make sure your hair is 100% dry before using curling irons, crimpers and flat irons.

–Get a Clear Glaze. Many women do color their hair professionally because of the shine and moisture they find it provides for their hair. There is a similar process, but with no pigment! It’s called a Clear Glaze, where the moisture penetrates your hair and leaves your hair immensely shiny and smooth! Since it gradually washes out of your hair in about a month or so, it’s a non-committal process, but one you will definitely come back for!

Red_good-copy-230x300-Protect your hair from Split Ends. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to get a Protein Treatment in the salon. CAT (protein) Treatments that you can do at home are fabulous, but for an extra professional-grade dose, ask for a Redken Chemistry in the salon. This 5 minute process conditions your hair internally, not just on the surface. Your hair is then coated in a spray to bring the PH of your hair down to normal to lock in the treatment for 4-6 shampoos! Only $19 at Ultimate Image Salon in Exton.



–Replace the metal brush you’re using for blowouts with a boar bristle brush. These do not heat up and scorch the hair as much as metal brushes have a chance of doing. To learn more about brushes, blow-drying techniques and ironing techniques, check to see if we have any free in-salon workshops that you can come to!
-Leave the Hair Coloring To The Professionals. Sure, it may be cost-effective in the short-term to box dye your hair, but there are many benefits to professional haircolor that you may have never thought of! Especially considering it could be upwards of $300 to “fix” a bad box dye job; it may not be worth the risk! To learn more,

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