The Best Solution For A Smooth, Soft And Hairless Skin

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The growth of unwanted hair is a common issue for many men and women nowadays. Having unwanted hair on the leg, arm, hand and different body parts can cause one to distress and low self-esteem. That’s why; people use to search for best body waxing service near me on the internet. Good news for them! Ultimate Image Salon & Spa in Pennsylvania brings the simplest method to get smooth, hairless skin in an instant. With wide range hair removal service, this company allows one to enjoy painless face and body waxing service at a budgetary price range. Ultimate Image Salon…

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How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

By | Make Up Tips, Skin Care, Waxing Benefits

Craving those perfectly shaped celebrity eyebrows? The perfect brow size and shape for your face depends on your own features. If your brow were divided into thirds, the thick end should start parallel to the bridge of your nose. The arch should be highest at the outside of your pupil and should get thinner out towards the corner of your eye. Get Thicker Brows Sparse brows need to be filled in with pencil, powder or gel. If you’re brunette, pick a color that is 2 shades lighter. However, if you’re blonde or silver, go 2 shades darker so you can…

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