Hair Bun How To

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Do you love the hair bun style?? Whether it’s a formal occassion or you simply want to wear your hair up, you actually have many options. Below are some celebrities wearing this style– Very large buns, medium, small and also really high and low– It’s your choice! It’s so simple that we want to share with you exactly how to do a perfect bun each and every time using a donut. 1. Purchase a hair donut that has a hole in the middle and matches (as close as possible) to your color of hair. The sizes, colors and prices range.…

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Ways To Do Your Hair & How to Curl Your Hair

By | Fashion, Hair Care, Hair Design, Hair salon, How-To Hair Styling

Wearing your hair different ways can sometimes be an overwhelming idea. What should I do? Do I have the tools to do it? What happens if I do it and have to start all over because I hate it?! I don’t have time for that… Well, this is why we like to create these hair tutorials and videos for you. This article will provide you with some great tips from curling the hair, to which products to use, to teasing, to finishing your curls! Read below! Follow the step by step instructions below to create this look!! Step 1: Shampoo…

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