How To Get Healthy, Beautiful Winter Hair: Tips and Ideas

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Winter Hair: Keep it Healthy! Harsh winter weather and low-dipping temperatures here in Exton PA can be hair’s worst enemy. Learn why and what to do to combat it! From static electricity to hat hair, frizz to split ends, when winter comes around, a bad hair day can turn into a bad few hair months. “The environment can have some of the most damaging effects on hair in both summer and winter, but in winter it’s often worse because people generally don’t take as many precautions to protect their hair,” says celebrity stylist Nick Chavez, owner of the Nick Chavez…

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Dangers Of Diverted Hair Products

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If you don’t know what diversion is, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is, but it can be harmful to you. Diversion is when professional products, such as Redken, Matrix, Biolage and Pureology are sold in “unauthorized” places. All genuine professional products are sold exclusively in authorized salons or spas such as Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, PA. See picture below “Guaranteed only when sold in salons“. Perhaps you have come across a couple bottles in your local drugstore, supermarket or even online. These professional products that you find outside of a salon…

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Kristen, What Inspires You?

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Our Hairstylist here at Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, Kristen Boyer, shares with you what inspires her to be the fabulous person she is! What inspires me? Ever since I can remember I wanted to be like "Miss Michelle." Miss Michelle was my mom and grandmom's hairstylist. I would love to go to the salon and watch them get their hair done, and when we went home I would practice my new skills that I learned in my grandmom's kitchen. My family was my first inspiration ever, and to this day they still inspire me the most. They taught me…

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How To Get Your Hair Straight: Flat Iron Techniques

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So you’ve been trying to get your hair straight by flat ironing it for a while now, but somehow you’re not always 100% satisfied how it turns out. Or maybe you’re brand new and you want to learn how to use this device! This video is made for you if you have any of the following issues: You cannot get your hair as straight as you’d like it? You have a cowlick in your bangs that always gives you trouble? You want a “Victoria’s Secret” voluminous look without having to round brush and blow dry it? You don’t have enough…

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BEAUTIFUL Blow Dry Bar: A Confidence Booster and Blow Dry That Lasts!

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We're excited to present to you Ultimate Image Salon's BEAUTIFUL Blow Dry Bar! Of course we are still a full-service salon and spa, but we now offer a whole new menu! These include services ranging from detoxing the hair, to deep-conditioning, to extended scalp massages! "A blowout is much more than just the hair. It changes their attitude and confidence, and I see that time and time again."- BEAUTIFUL BLOW DRY BAR Here's a list of our current services we're offering… BEAUTIFUL BLOW DRY $31 Our signature shampoo service, using a customized treatment shampoo, a treatment conditioner, including a brief…

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Sexy Hair: How To Curl Your Hair In to Waves

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Curling your hair to make it wavy and sleek is not as hard as you think. Have you wanted that wavy hair that the celebrities wear, but are unsuccessful when you try? Do your waves fall out before you even get to enjoy them? Christina from Ultimate Image Salon, hair salon in Exton, PA, has created a video just for you! She shares with you her expert knowledge and goes in-depth on how to create these waves easily, which Redken products to use and the techniques behind using hot tools to create different hairstyles. Quick Tips: How to Curl Your…

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