Best Tips For How To Use Mascara to Enhance Eyelashes in Exton, PA

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Mascara is the number one cosmetic that women usually will not leave the house without because it helps to enhance eyes by darkening, thickening and providing temporary length to the lashes! Draw more attention to your eyes daily or just for special nights out. Here I’ll share how to apply mascara, sanitation info about mascara, colored mascaras and tips for eyelash curlers. 3 easy tips on how to properly apply mascara: 1.) Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of the inner and outer lashes. It is when the mascara is placed near the roots (not the tips)…

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How to do Smokey Eye: Dark Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Idea

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If the “smokey eye” with sultry black eyeshadow has become mundane to you or you don’t feel it’s suitable for you, learn this step-by-step on how to create this softer makeup technique with an array of violet and blue, edged in black. Master this look to prepare for Fall/Winter 2015 in Exton PA: the perfect look for the upcoming season. Prime First, apply a moisturizing cream or serum, recommended by your Esthetician, to the entire face. Use a skin primer and a lip primer if desired. Apply your first light coat of mascara. Base Apply foundation to the face, using upward…

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How To Choose A No Ammonia Hair Color For Your Style

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Here’s the Chromatics No Ammonia Hair Color Collection by Redken: Your hair color shouldn’t just be a habit. It’s a work of art: a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Take some inspiration from the below pictures and descriptions and then choose a Hair Designer to chat with you about the styles that would work best and make it happen for you! No Ammonia Hair Color Are you a woman who dares to be different and doesn’t want an ‘au naturael’ look? Standing out from the crowd in this gorgeous crimson will turn heads! When going deep red, do not stray far from the…

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Blonde, Brunette, Red Hair Coloring: No Ammonia Hair Color Ideas

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Tired of your hair feeling dry and damaged from coloring it? Haircolor scientists have finally found a way to actually fortify the hair, instead of weaken it! Redken’s Chromatics Prismatic and ULTRA RICH Haircolor is futuristic and leading the way for a new generation of haircolor: no ammonia hair color. Why does it blow other haircolors out of the water? The experience and outcome of the service is revolutionary: 1. Offers impeccable shine 2. Shine and vibrancy lasts significantly longer (especially the reds!) 3. Strengthens the hair 2x in one process, instead of damaging and removing hydration from it 4.…

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Fix Bangs After You Cut Your Own Bangs

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Bangs, or “fringe” have been one of the most popular hair trends over the past couple years and continues to show itself on celebrities everywhere. While a fringe can completely change up the look of your style, cutting one by yourself is quite a bit more difficult than you may think. Sometimes a Hairstylist can save your bangs, but if they are cut too short, you will need to hide the damage until they grow out! No need to worry though; there are a few tricks we’ll share with you to cover up the mistake for a couple of weeks.…

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Winter Trends: Hat Hairstyles for Women

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Make winter more exciting this year, here in Exton, PA by sprucing up your look with beanies, trappers and aviator hats! Winter doesn’t have to be all about dull scarves, itchy sweaters, and big boots… You can actually look really fashionable and trendy by popping on a hat to accentuate your hair with this winter trend! It can actually add TO your style, rather than cover it up! Follow this link so you can get some inspiration to pick up a few sassy hats for these chilly months that will save you from hair disasters from the elements in the…

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