Best Tips For How To Use Mascara to Enhance Eyelashes in Exton, PA

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Mascara is the number one cosmetic that women usually will not leave the house without because it helps to enhance eyes by darkening, thickening and providing temporary length to the lashes! Draw more attention to your eyes daily or just for special nights out. Here I’ll share how to apply mascara, sanitation info about mascara, colored mascaras and tips for eyelash curlers. 3 easy tips on how to properly apply mascara: 1.) Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of the inner and outer lashes. It is when the mascara is placed near the roots (not the tips)…

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Dangers Of Diverted Hair Products

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If you don’t know what diversion is, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is, but it can be harmful to you. Diversion is when professional products, such as Redken, Matrix, Biolage and Pureology are sold in “unauthorized” places. All genuine professional products are sold exclusively in authorized salons or spas such as Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, PA. See picture below “Guaranteed only when sold in salons“. Perhaps you have come across a couple bottles in your local drugstore, supermarket or even online. These professional products that you find outside of a salon…

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BEAUTIFUL Blow Dry Bar: A Confidence Booster and Blow Dry That Lasts!

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We're excited to present to you Ultimate Image Salon's BEAUTIFUL Blow Dry Bar! Of course we are still a full-service salon and spa, but we now offer a whole new menu! These include services ranging from detoxing the hair, to deep-conditioning, to extended scalp massages! "A blowout is much more than just the hair. It changes their attitude and confidence, and I see that time and time again."- BEAUTIFUL BLOW DRY BAR Here's a list of our current services we're offering… BEAUTIFUL BLOW DRY $31 Our signature shampoo service, using a customized treatment shampoo, a treatment conditioner, including a brief…

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How To Choose A No Ammonia Hair Color For Your Style

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Here’s the Chromatics No Ammonia Hair Color Collection by Redken: Your hair color shouldn’t just be a habit. It’s a work of art: a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Take some inspiration from the below pictures and descriptions and then choose a Hair Designer to chat with you about the styles that would work best and make it happen for you! No Ammonia Hair Color Are you a woman who dares to be different and doesn’t want an ‘au naturael’ look? Standing out from the crowd in this gorgeous crimson will turn heads! When going deep red, do not stray far from the…

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Best Hair Styles for Face Shape in Exton, PA

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The haircut Gods determined that the ideal, most flattering and versatile face shape is considered to be oval. When trying to decide on a haircut or color, you want to pick something that gives the illusion that your face is oval, whether it is naturally or not! How to create illusions is the knowledge necessary for Hair Designers to have to give you a signature style you feel comfortable in and that flatters your face shape. We’ll share some knowledge with you so you can have an insight on what we know! Most people’s shape is not an oval, but…

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Dry Hair Home Remedies,Tips and Products

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Year-round, we battle to keep our hair healthy amongst the humidity of the summer, the dryness of the winter, the abuse of the flat iron– it’s never-ending! Here’s some great tips for you to combat dry hair to keep it healthy year round! To come full circle, make sure you check out our blog on Skin Care Tips! -Shampoo less, condition more. Shampooing too often can strip the natural oils and leave you with dry hair. If you can, go a couple days in between shampoos. Try a dry shampoo (below), such as Redken 2-Day Extender. This absorbs oil and…

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