What is Massage Therapy and Would it Benefit Me?

By | Corrective Massage, Therapeutic Massage

Regularly receiving Massage Therapy is not just a self-indulging service; Susanna at Ultimate Image Salon believes it’s more of a self-care act! Receive a massage in this relaxing room at Ultimate Image Salon If you are new to massage, you may be skeptical, cautious, nervous or many feel many other emotions. Massage can help so many different ailments, as well as relax you, stimulate blood flow, lower stress, invigorate and energize you. It can alleviate pain and is an excellent choice for low back pain: read more here. Here’s an excellent article explaining more in depth about what Massage Therapy…

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Hair Color CAMO Just For Men: Camouflage Your Grey Naturally

By | Hair Care, Hair Color, Hair Design, Hair salon, Hair Treatments, Healthy Hair, Mens Hair Care

Are your white and grey hairs changing the appearance and texture of your hair? Are you feeling more aged since your wife/girlfriend is noticing your grey more? Are your co-workers or friends joking with you about getting older? There’s a solution worth taking a look into that: is natural looking has no maintenance… get it done as often as you get your hair cut people will notice you look different, but will not know you colored your hair you don’t have to commit to only takes 5-10 minutes to process has 6 shades to customize a blend into your natural…

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Best Hair Styles for Face Shape in Exton, PA

By | Beauty, Hair Color, Hair Design, Hair salon

The haircut Gods determined that the ideal, most flattering and versatile face shape is considered to be oval. When trying to decide on a haircut or color, you want to pick something that gives the illusion that your face is oval, whether it is naturally or not! How to create illusions is the knowledge necessary for Hair Designers to have to give you a signature style you feel comfortable in and that flatters your face shape. We’ll share some knowledge with you so you can have an insight on what we know! Most people’s shape is not an oval, but…

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Relaxation During Pregnancy: Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

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Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. Massage can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep and calm an active baby. Client Testimonial: “I had the MOST AMAZING pregnancy massage with Susanna at Ultimate Image Salon last night. I am so grateful to her for making me feel so much better. There are so many benefits to pregnancy massage and my body feels like a million bucks. I have another one scheduled for next week! Thank you Susanna and Ultimate Image Salon! As always, top notch service.” –Leah How Can Massage Help Through…

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How To Remedy Lower Back Pain Through Massage and Stretches

By | Hair Care

Lower Back Pain is the 2nd most common reason for doctor’s visits. With over 65 million Americans suffering anywhere between low to severe back pain, it’s no doubt the effects spill over into other areas of your life. It creates the inability to exercise, mood swings, tightness and pain in the hips/legs, inability to sleep and overall affecting your well-being. Instead of reaching for the bottle of pain-reliever, there are other ways to alleviate your pain, such as stretches and massage therapy. Try a few of these stretches below. Stretches: Massage Therapy: Massage is a fantastic way to manage your…

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Hair Color Ideas: Best Hair Color For Skin Tone

By | Hair Care, Hair Color, Hair Design, Hair salon

Which Haircolors Work Best On Me? You’re thinking about changing your haircolor. Do any of these reasons apply to you? Could you use a confidence boost? Do you feel at a stand-still in your life? Do you feel not as confident in your current haircolor? Do you feel like you need something refreshing? Something new? Has a friend told you recently you’d look great in a certain color? A merlot red? A chocolate brown? How can you really trust and make that leap to a brand new haircolor and/or hairstyle? After all, hair makes up a large portion of your…

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