Best Tips For How To Use Mascara to Enhance Eyelashes in Exton, PA

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Mascara is the number one cosmetic that women usually will not leave the house without because it helps to enhance eyes by darkening, thickening and providing temporary length to the lashes! Draw more attention to your eyes daily or just for special nights out. Here I’ll share how to apply mascara, sanitation info about mascara, colored mascaras and tips for eyelash curlers. 3 easy tips on how to properly apply mascara: 1.) Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of the inner and outer lashes. It is when the mascara is placed near the roots (not the tips)…

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Dangers Of Diverted Hair Products

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If you don’t know what diversion is, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten consumers do not know what diversion is, but it can be harmful to you. Diversion is when professional products, such as Redken, Matrix, Biolage and Pureology are sold in “unauthorized” places. All genuine professional products are sold exclusively in authorized salons or spas such as Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, PA. See picture below “Guaranteed only when sold in salons“. Perhaps you have come across a couple bottles in your local drugstore, supermarket or even online. These professional products that you find outside of a salon…

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How Can You Get Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer Self Exam

By | Health

Is there anything I can do to prevent breast cancer? There are studies being shown that 99.8% of a breast cancer tissue has Parabens in it. Parabens are anti-fungal, preservative chemicals found in beauty products, hair products, makeup, and skincare. They disturb the body’s natural hormone levels and have been linked to cancers such as breast cancer and reproductive disorders. 85% of beauty products contain these chemicals. To read more about this, visit this article. The older you get, the more you need a mammogram. Finding breast cancer early can save your life. So, get a mammogram every year starting…

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How to do Smokey Eye: Dark Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Idea

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If the “smokey eye” with sultry black eyeshadow has become mundane to you or you don’t feel it’s suitable for you, learn this step-by-step on how to create this softer makeup technique with an array of violet and blue, edged in black. Master this look to prepare for Fall/Winter 2015 in Exton PA: the perfect look for the upcoming season. Prime First, apply a moisturizing cream or serum, recommended by your Esthetician, to the entire face. Use a skin primer and a lip primer if desired. Apply your first light coat of mascara. Base Apply foundation to the face, using upward…

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Kristen, What Inspires You?

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Our Hairstylist here at Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, Kristen Boyer, shares with you what inspires her to be the fabulous person she is! What inspires me? Ever since I can remember I wanted to be like "Miss Michelle." Miss Michelle was my mom and grandmom's hairstylist. I would love to go to the salon and watch them get their hair done, and when we went home I would practice my new skills that I learned in my grandmom's kitchen. My family was my first inspiration ever, and to this day they still inspire me the most. They taught me…

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Flory, What Inspires You?

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Our Esthetician, Flory Abell, wants to share with you what inspires her to be the best she can be… What inspires me? Equine sports. It teaches me to work with another living creatures without verbal communication. You become somewhat intuitive. I am able to relieve stress from a pure physical work out. I go to the horse shows and see some of my fellow exhibitor's and see the damage caused from daily exposure to the elements and want to be able to prevent and or repair the damage and find the best possible products and treatments that will work for…

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