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Best Hair Styles for Face Shape in Exton, PA

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The haircut Gods determined that the ideal, most flattering and versatile face shape is considered to be oval. When trying to decide on a haircut or color, you want to pick something that gives the illusion that your face is oval, whether it is naturally or not! How to create illusions is the knowledge necessary for Hair Designers to have to give you a signature style you feel comfortable in and that flatters your face shape.

We’ll share some knowledge with you so you can have an insight on what we know! Most people’s shape is not an oval, but for those of you who are, us non-ovals are envious! To figure out yours, look in the mirror, pull your hair off your face and see what your face shape looks like. Compare it to the chart below:


1. Heart 2. Square 3. Round 4. Diamond 5. Long/Oblong 6. Oval



Want to know the “why” behind creating illusions for different face shapes? It all comes down to trying to make your face look as close to an oval as possible. So whether it’s slimming the width of a Round Face Shape, or shortening length so a long face appears less long, it’s all about balancing out the shape.

Here’s how we figure it all out!

Take a circular shaped face for instance; it’s as wide as it is long. To create that illusion of an oval, the goal would be to make the width look smaller and to elongate from top to bottom. For the haircut, you’ll want to avoid a wide, straight across fringe, since that draws attention to the width of your face. Instead, you’ll want something that is leaner on the sides and shoot for more volume on top, or more length on the bottom.

Now, what about creating illusions with hair color?

Just like black colors make you look thinner, darker hair colors also will collapse a shape. If you have a Round Face, you’ll want darkness around the sides of your face to contract the appearance of the roundness. Lighter colors expand and heighten a shape, which may be great on the sides of an Oblong Face.

Another example would be a heart face shape. They’re wider up at the sides of their forehead and thinner down by their chin. To collapse the top, add depth and darkness on top, and highlights and lightness on the bottom. Maybe you could go for an ombre haircoloring technique, which adds a sunkissed look.

Now with this knowledge, what is your face shape and what kind of hair styles/colors could you look for to balance out the shape better? What kinds of cuts and colors would flatter your face shape best? How could you style it to increase width and weight in smaller places and collapse it in others? Share your thoughts and/or links to pictures of haircuts you think would look great on you! If you would like some advice, just leave us a comment!

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