Tired of your hair feeling dry and damaged from coloring it? Haircolor scientists have finally found a way to actually fortify the hair, instead of weaken it! Redken’s Chromatics Prismatic Haircolor is futuristic and leading the way for a new generation of haircolor.

Why does it blow other haircolors out of the water? The experience and outcome of the service is revolutionary:
1. Offers impeccable shine
2. Shine and vibrancy lasts significantly longer (especially the reds!)
3. Strengthens the hair 2x in one process, instead of damaging and removing hydration from it
4. Has absolutely no odor, which means no discomfort to you
5. Is ammonia-free (better for your lungs!)
6. Up to 100% grey coverage with permanent results

No longer will you have to be just “satisfied” with how your color turns out. This new color line will make you fall back in love with your hair and attract many more compliments from co-workers, friends and family!

To schedule for a Chromatics Color Service, click here or call Ultimate Image Salon in Exton at 610-363-8710 to schedule an appointment.

The Hair Color Collection by Redken: Your haircolor shouldn’t just be a habit. It’s a work of art: a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Take some inspiration from the below pictures and descriptions and then choose a Hair Designer to chat with you about the styles that would work best and make it happen for you!

Are you a woman who dares to be different and doesn’t want an ‘au naturael’ look? Standing out from the crowd in this gorgeous crimson will turn heads! When going deep red, do not stray far from the natural understones in your skin. This particular color works well for women with pink/red understones. Consult with a Hair Designer who can assess your skin tone to pick the perfect red for you. Remember with red, maintaining shine and preventing fading is key. Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Haircolor keeps hair vibrant and shiny as possible.

Nowadays, celebrities are going extreme with their haircolors but it always seems to come back to gorgeous reds. This color is fantastic to add a little bit of pizzazz into your daily look. Whoever said blondes have more fun, obviously has never had red hair! Can you handle being this vibrant of a redhead? Do you want to feel like one-of-a-kind? This works best on medium skin tones. Ask your Stylist to hold up a few hair swatches to see if it makes your skin look refreshed and your eye color pop.

Are you desiring to get the perfect balance of highlights and color, without having to choose between blonde and brunette? Blend a medium brown base with honey and warm vanilla colors that glimmer in the sunlight. This is a natural, subtle version of the ombre technique; only a Hair Designer can deliver this type of complex dimension.

This rich blonde haircolor will turn heads as you’re out and about in town. This shade of blonde can amplify your natural blonde, or create a whole new canvas; it’s up to you. These highlights versatile: perfect for cascading waves and curls, but works beautifully on straight hair as well.

Keep two things in mind when contemplating a dark shade such as this one. First, you’ll need full coverage of color all over, which means saying “no” to box hair dyes. High shine and longevity is the second essential. Redken’s Chromatics Haircolor gives you intense shine, while actually strengthening your hair. This deep color has cool tones to great, which is great for medium to darker skin tones.

Say goodbye to opaque, solid brunette haircolor. This chocolate brown color is achievable with the Redken Chromatics Haircolor that is anything but ordinary brown. Subtle hues of honey peek out in the sunshine under a deep brunette color. This shade is rich, yet has cool tones, which makes it versatile for many skin tones from fair to dark. Who would it look best on? A woman with fair skin and blue eyes and also a medium skin and dark brown eyed woman. This complex brunette color is stunning!

Embrace your curls and add some life to them! This color is perfect because every ringlet glimmers in the light with multiple shades of highlights and low-lights. Never dull, this style adds dimension and accentuates your curls in all the right places.

Less daring than the above reds, here is a more subdued version for those who want something less dramatic. Drew Barrymore’s haircolor has been almost every shade of the rainbow, but a memorable one was her deep red color she has sported off and on again. That rich, warm reddish copper is perfect for a bubbly, playful personality. You’ll see brighter copper pieces as well as some deeper coppers around the face, for an interesting overall look. Play with red locks: Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone and Emily blunt all have this year!

Blondes are not created equally: they are all carefully customized for an individual’s skin type. A Hair Designer needs to evaluate your skin tone to develop the perfect blonde for you, so you can look as good as those California girls. It’s always important, as a blonde, to keep your color bright and never brassy. You’ll also have to keep in mind, you’ll need to keep your hair strengthened, since lightening your hair can weaken it over time. Don’t sacrifice your hair’s health: Use Chromatics Haircolor that fortifies and strengthens the hair 2x per application!

Here’s the ombre technique again, with chocolate color towards the scalp and beautiful chestnut shades on the ends. This is perfect for medium to darker skin tones, curly or straight hair!

A must for this look: a confident, fashion-forward girl who likes to stand out. Here is an innovative color idea that will set you apart. This color blocked frame in the fringe frames a beautiful face and a great haircut perfectly. The subtle pink makes fair skin tones really pop. Try this technique with different colors too!


Written by Christina Wertz
I love being a Hair Designer at our salon! No matter what your specific hair needs are I will consult with you to find your perfect look. I specialize in dimensional hair color artistry and I truly enjoy creating a radiant, natural-looking hair color with a hair cut that complements it. When you come in to see me I will listen to your needs, find out your goals for your hair and together we will create a signature style. Each time you come in we will re-consult and make sure we continue to head in your desired direction. I love what I do and I can’t wait to see you!


Schedule your appointment today to change up your look in a subtle or drastic way by clicking here or calling 610-363-8710.

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